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Padon Man Leather Sling Bag

RM 220.00

Real Man leather shoulder bag, precise design with quality cowhide.

Brand : Padon
Main Material : Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather Type : Cowhide
Capacity : Mobile phones,wallets,cigarettes,ets.
 Size(L*W*H) : 18x8x32cm

✭ About Maintenance:

1、Keep dry and store in a cool and ventilated place.

2、Avoid sun exposure, high temperature, water, and contact with sharp objects or chemicals.

3、The surface of the bag should be maintained on a regular basis, and placed in a ventilated place after lightly wiping with PA Leather Coating Spray, or skin oil.

4、Avoid damp environment, hardware easy oxidation. Avoid sun exposure, the original skin material without any waterproof coating

5、When the bag is not in use, Fill the inner bag with lumps, which are not easily deformed,please put in a dustproof bag and keep it.  do not put into the plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag does not circulate, will cause leather dry and damage. It is better to stuff some wad in the bag to hold up the shape of the bag.

6. If you put something too heavy into it, the product may easily break or change shape.

Please take good care of your bags, thank you ~

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