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Peeos PX13 Passcode U-Lock

RM 40.00

Solid zinc alloy U-lock with 10000 Passcode combination, you know the only one !

Brand : Peeos
Product : U-Lock
Material : Premium Quality Zinc Alloy
Feature : Anti-Rust, Anti-Damage, 10000 confidential passcode, Keyless, Anti-Drill, Anti-Shear, Anti-Smash, Anti-Saw, Anti-Acid, Anti-Cut
Application : Motorcycle, Bike, Gate, Door, Window, Cabinet
Dimension : 87mm x 85mm x 19mm
Core : Passcode x10000
Color : Black / Red
Weight : 0.24kg

Wholesale 48pcs/1 carton

(1) Position lock in front face.
(2) Unlock with current passcode ( Open U Shape Body )
(3) Turn the "Change Passcode" button upward ^ to release old passcode
(4) Select new passcode
(5) Turn the "Change Passcode" button downward v to locking new passcode

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Peeos has more than 30 years experience in security lock key R&D and manufacturing. Peeos always provide the best security for your property & Automobile.  Sense The Secure. The New Automatic Passcode Anti-Theft technology.